Romeo et Juliette 6. Les Rois Du Monde (English Subtitles)

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Musical: Romeo et Juliette; La Haine et L'Amour
Song: Les Rois Du Monde (Kings of the World)

Please understand that I am not fluent in French, so these subtitles are not perfect. I created these videos for other people who don't speak French to get a basic idea of the plot. If you're fluent in French and think that I'm completely off the mark with the subtitles, let me know, and I might redo the video. But please understand that I did the best I could.

Also, I only subtitled the songs, and not the dialogue, because a lot of it was hard to catch. Again, sorry.

But I hope more English speakers will become interested in this great musical by learning more details about the plot. Again, please don't assume this is a perfect translation (the French lyrics are simply better on their own) , but I put a lot of work into these videos, and I hope people will like them.
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