Sordid Stories with Annabel Chong & Ron Jeremy part 4 of 5 - 1995 superhero spoof

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Selected scenes from Sordid Stories with the Pink Stiletto, a live action adaptation of the Carnal Comics comic book written by Jay Allen Sanford and starring Annabel Chong, Ron Jeremy, Bunny Bleu, Joey Silvera, and more. As seen in a cover story in Cult Movies magazine, the superhero spoof Sordid Stories was one of Annabel Chong's first films, before she did the World's Biggest bang - her first ever public appearance was wearing her Pink Stiletto costume from Sordid Stories at a promotion at Golden Apple Comics in L.A. in 1995. Who knew that, years later, an award winning documentary film would be made about her, Sex: The Annabel Chong Story! She's now one of the most famous porn stars on the planet - and yet Sordid Stories has been out of print for nearly two decades now.

Back in 1995, Sordid Stories was released as a standard comic book, as well as a full-length big budget video. The movie starred Annabel with Ron Jeremy as the evil Beast who wants to use his Lesbo Lazer on unsuspecting women, and the Mighty Muffin Vixen Rangers, including superstar Bunny Bleu, squirting legend Kerri Downes, and more. The movie even included a talking mechanical buzzard puppet, amazing custom costumes, and elaborate sets including everything from the Oval Office to one of the most decadent dungeon orgy scenes ever filmed. With Joey Silvera as the President of the United States, aka Burger Man, and more. Multiple scenes with cult fave Annabel. After the VHS edition came and went, the movie was later released on CD Rom in a very limited edition, but it only recently came out on DVD for the first time, with copies available on eBay.
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