Northern Pakistan, Kalash People

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This video shows the daily life of the Kalash people in Northern Pakistan. It is the first part of a series of tourist videos filmed in N Pakistan in summer 2015. Please share this film.

Our holiday was booked in the UK with Travelpak UK and operated by Karakorum Nature and Discovery Pakistan.

The culture of the Kalash people is unique and differs completely from the various Islamic ethnic groups surrounding them. They are polytheists and nature plays a highly significant and spiritual role in their daily life. As part of their religious tradition, sacrifices are offered and festivals held to give thanks for the abundant resources of their three valleys. Kalasha Desh (the three Kalash valleys) is made up of two distinct cultural areas, the valleys of Rumbur and Brumbret forming one, and Birir valley the other; Birir valley being the most traditional of the two. Kalash mythology and folklore has been wrongly compared to that of ancient Greece, but they are much closer to Indo-Iranian (pre-Zoroastrian Vedic) traditions. Some of the Kalash people claim to be descendants of Alexander the Great's soldiers; however, extensive genetic testing has shown no connection. The Kalash have fascinated anthropologists due to their unique culture.

Northern Pakistan offers:
- extraordinary mountain scenery and landscapes;
- a plethora of cultures;
- surprisingly good food; and
- quality accommodation in Chitral, Skardu, Khaplu, Gilgit and Hunza, sometimes converted from historic palaces and forts.

Above all, the extraordinary friendship and hospitality of the Pakistani people will stay with you for a very long time after your visit.

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