Cynthia Rothrock From 18 to 61 Years Old

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Cynthia Rothrock transformation from 18 to 61 (then and now)
Cynthia Rothrock was a World Karate Champion from 1981-1985 and is the self-proclaimed “Queen of Martial Arts films.”
Cynthia Rothrock was born on March 8, 1957 in Wilmington, Delaware. Only 5'3" tall, she holds five Black belts and was World Karate Champion from 1981-85. Hong Kong-based Golden Harvest Productions cast Rothrock opposite Michelle Yeoh in 1985's box office hit Yes, Madam. In addition to films, Rothrock was also an inspiration behind the video game character Sonya Blade in the game Mortal Kombat.
To act in films Cynthia Rothrock began in Hong Kong. Her first film was "Shanghai Express"). From Hong Kong stars in it were removed itself Hung and Yuan Byao. She took on the role for which the United States looking for a male actor. Cynthia was so impressed the creators of the film, that they have altered the scenario. So Cynthia was the first actress from the West, starring in Hong Kong action movies. She held in Hong Kong five years, continuing in films produced by Sammo Hun. Only an accident prevented Cynthia withdraw from Jackie Chan in the film "Armor of God".

By 2000, Cynthia appeared in more than 30 films released in the U.S. and Hong Kong. Among them, "No retreat, no surrender-2", "Lady-Dragon," "Madam". With her were taken by many famous actors - martial arts - Richard Norton, Jalal Merhi, Billy Blenks, Bolo Young.

Cynthia Rothrock at the screen shows the crucial importance to the quality of martial arts - the naturalness of movement. At the same time it has strong and clear strokes, especially the feet. Corona blow Cynthia Rothrock, demonstrating its extraordinary flexibility - a blow on the forehead with the heel leg of the enemy during the capture of the front.

. Here are some characteristics polushutochnaya Cynthia appeared in the famous American magazine "Black Belt": "... a horse's tail is better than Seagal, Chest is better than Arnold, vzgdyad obscures eyes of Van Damme and Norris
. Moreover, unlike Stallone and Willis, she wins villains, confidently moving on high heels! ".
Actor's work:
Cynthia Rothrock top movies
1. Yes Madam! - 1985 (Action)
2. Shanghai Express - 1986 (Action)
3. Yes, Madam 2 - 1987 (Action)
4. China O'Brien - 1988 (Action)
5. The deadly art - 1990 (Documentary Video)
6. Tiger Claw - 1991 (Action)
7. China O'Brien 2 - 1991 (Action)
8. Honor and Glory - 1992 (Action)
9. Honor and Fury - 1992 (Action)
10. Honor and Fury 2: hostile takeovers - 1992 (Action)
11. Dragon Lady - 1992 (Action)
12. Lady Dragon 2 - 1993 (Action)
13. Unruly - 1993 (Action)
14. Millionaire's Express - 1998 (Action)
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