Saint Petersburg, Russia 🇷🇺 - by drone [4K]

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Добрый день and welcome to this aerial drone footage of Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 4K UHD resolution!
In this clip you can see all the famous sights / spots like the Savior on the Spilled Blood Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, Saint Michael's Castle, Russian Museum, Magazin Kuptsov Yeliseyevykh, Leningrad Hero City Obelisk, Alexandrinsky Theatre, Monument to Catherine II, Bolsheokhtinsky bridge, the Neva River, the beautiful skyline and so much more…

All clips were rendered with Final Cut Pro.
Enjoy! Hope you guys like it!

Also have a look @World Wide Walkx and their stunning walking videos!

***Attention start***
This incredible footage is recorded by @Timelab Pro ! If you like it, you can license it by contacting these folks! Drone Snap is not the author of theses incredible shots!
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are not able to travel the world and capture new pictures for you! Thats why we started collecting footage from Artgrid.io to upload new content for you every Friday!
If you like it, just check out their catalogue 👉 https://bit.ly/3kJYuzg
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Artist: Mila Jam
Track: Better Days (Instrumental)

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Intro 0:00-0:06
Savior on the Spilled Blood Cathedral 0:06-0:15
Bolsheokhtinsky bridge 0:15-0:23
Magazin Kuptsov Yeliseyevykh 0:23-0:32
Canal 0:32-0:41
Nevsky Ave 0:41-0:49
Neva River 0:49-0:58
Savior on the Spilled Blood Cathedral 0:58-1:07
Aerial street view / Bankomat Pao Sberbank 1:07-1:16
Aerial View Old town 1:16-1:27
Kazan Cathedral 1:27-1:36
Savior on the Spilled Blood Cathedral 1:36-1:44
Aerial street view 1:44-1:53
Saint Michael's Castle 1:53-2:02
Rooftop view 2:02-2:10
Saint Michael's Castle 2:10-2:28
Kazan Cathedral 2:28-2:32
Government office 2:32-2:37
Magazin Kuptsov Yeliseyevykh 2:37-2:45
Russian Museum 2:45-2:54
Alexandrinsky Theatre 2:54-2:58
Saint Michael's Castle 2:58-3:02
Bolsheokhtinsky bridge 3:02-3:11
Port 3:11-3:20
Kazan Cathedral 3:20-3:29
Rooftop view 3:29-3:40
Magazin Kuptsov Yeliseyevykh 3:40-3:57
Neva River 3:57-4:15
Government office 4:15-4:41
Neva River / Peter and Paul Cathedral 4:41-4:50
Transfiguration Cathedral 4:50-4:57
Aerial city view / Neva River 4:57-5:16
Troitskiy bridge / Neva River 5:16-5:24
Zdaniye Birzhi / Neva River 5:24-5:42
Bolsheokhtinsky bridge 5:42-6:08
Russian Museum 6:08-6:17
Alexandrinsky Theatre 6:17-6:26
Moscow Station 6:26-6:34
Aerial street view 6:34-6:43
Leningrad Hero City Obelisk / Moscow Station 6:43-7:00
Endscreen 7:00-7:18
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