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•if 'I like you so much, you'll know it' was a breakup song•

Ysabelle - I Liked You So Much, We Lost It (lyrics)
Song : I Like You So Much, We Lost It - Ysabelle

🎤Lyrics :
[I Like You So Much, We Lost It - Ysabelle]

I like your eyes you looked away
when you pretended to care.
I like the dimples on the corners
of the smile that you wear.
You wore them more with her
I knew and I was scared
I let myself fall deeper
but I was prepared

I liked your shirt, the one I gave you
Can't forget how you smell
But now on different shoulders hang
The jacket I used to wear

I loved you for so long
Sometimes it's hard to bear
But after all this time
I wish you well from here

I loved you every minute, every second
I loved you everywhere and any moment
Always and forever was just
For a moment 'cause
I was not the one
I don't know how

I loved you til the last of snow disappeared
Missed you on the rainy days of the year
Never knew of pain like this
But I've got to know
Thought I loved you so
Why did you go?

I hate the way you let us go
Like it was all just nothing
I hate the way you hit the notes
But not the words I'm saying

I hate the little things
Like when I'm unaware
I still remember how
We broke so perfectly

Though sometimes when
Life brings me down
Time can heal my heart
Through the bad rainy days
I know that I will be okay

I loved you every minute, every second
loved you even if it was fow a moment
Always and forever can wait
For the time because
You were not the one
I know that now

In a world still full of life, I see color
in a bit of time cause we deserve better
Always and forever when the right one comes because

Part of loving you is letting go

Part of loving you was letting go


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