📺 How to Watch UK TV Abroad or Anywhere In the World. Live Stream All British TV 🔥

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✅ How to Watch UK TV Abroad or Anywhere In the World
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Transcript below on How to Watch UK TV Abroad or Anywhere In the World. Live Stream All British TV

Hey guys. So today I wanted to show you how you can watch uk tv abroad. So if you're outside of the UK and you want to watch something like BBC I player or ITV hub, and you're in the USA or Japan or France or anywhere else in the world, I want to show you how you can get around the geo blocks and watch your favorite programs. Because what happens is typically, when you step outside of the UK, it means saying goodbye to some of your favorite programs that you're used to watching. But, and that just because UK shows a lot of them aren't broadcast around the world. So your only options are waiting till you get back home. Or another option is actually investing in a VPN. And so today, I want to show you how you can use a VPN to quickly bypass any of these geo blocks.

And it will allow you to access any streaming services like ITV hub, or BBC I player, again, anywhere in the world. So fortunately, it's really easy to get started. Um, you just want to pick a good VPN, and there's two, I recommend, depending on your situation, one of these will probably be a better fit for you. And those are ExpressVPN and cyberghost. And I'll put links to both of them in the description, along with any deals or the best discounts I can find for you guys that aren't on their website. So as always, you guys can save as much money as possible. So how it works is once you've got your VPN, you'll want to go ahead and install the VPN on whether it's your computer, or your smartphone, or your Smart TV. What's great about both of these VPN is they have a variety of apps.

And those apps are designed to work on most of the popular devices, even gaming consoles. So like a ps4 as an example. But let's say you want to connect this to your computer, you go ahead and download and install the app on your computer, then you open it. And then you want to connect to a server in the UK. What this does is it basically makes it look like you're physically located in the United Kingdom, even though you might be in the United States or in France, or in Japan or anywhere else in the world. And so that's one of the benefits of using a VPN or a good VPN, I should say. So then you can head over to BBC I player as an example, or any other streaming service, you can log into your account, and you can start watching, it's as easy as that.

The key is you want to make sure you have a good VPN, because a couple things. One, you want to make sure you have a VPN, that's fast enough that when you connect to an international server, it doesn't slow down your speeds too much. Because otherwise, if it starts to slow down your speed too much, you can run into issues with buffering, or the original resolution will have to be shown at a lower quality resolution. Or you can get a disconnect. So you're watching your favorite show or movie, and then all sudden the VPN disconnects, and then you have to reconnect and get everything going again.

So that's one of the issues that again, by using a good VPN, you make sure you don't run into and run into any of that. And then the second thing you want to be sure of is that these the VPN you use is actually effective at unblocking streaming streaming media services. Because a lot of these streaming media services like Netflix for an example, or Hulu or Amazon Prime, when you connect to them, they will be able to detect if a VPN is in use. And they're actively trying to stop that from happening. And so if you have a poor quality VPN, some of these unique streaming media services will be able to detect that. And sometimes you can start out watching a movie and then halfway through it, you'll get an error saying whoops, sorry, please disconnect your VPN before continuing to watch this and then you're kind of stuck.

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