The Making Of Detroit: Become Human [Behind-the-Scenes Footage]

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Take a behind-the-scenes look at Detroit: Become Human. Meet the talented cast and the developing team that made it all happen. From the concept art to the soundtrack, you'll learn more about Detroit in Discovering Detroit, Meet Kara, Markus and Connor, Detroit - An Interactive Story, The Making Of Detroit and The soundtrack of Detroit.

The cast of Detroit: Become Human includes Clancy Brown, Jesse Williams, Bryan Dechart, Valorie Curry, Minka Kelly, Lance Henriksen, and Cornelius Smith Jr.

About Detroit: Become Human

Enter the near-future metropolis of Detroit in 2038 – a city rejuvenated by the introduction of highly advanced androids that exist only to serve mankind. But that’s all about to change…

Step into the shoes of three distinct android characters as this brave new world teeters on the brink of chaos. Your decisions dramatically alter how the game’s intense, branching narrative plays out. With thousands of choices and dozens of endings, how will you affect the future of Detroit?

Enter a world where moral dilemmas and difficult decisions can turn android slaves into world-changing revolutionaries. Discover what it means to be human from the perspective of an outsider – and see the world through the eyes of a machine. How you control Kara, Connor and Markus can mean life or death – and if one of them pays the ultimate price, the story still continues… #ILLUMINAT3D
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