Another Baby for Britain’s Biggest Family!? | 20 Kids and Counting

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Documentary following Britain’s biggest family. The Radfords are back and celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary and Mom, Sue, is pregnant with baby number 20!

Since having a stillborn baby boy three years ago, Sue's health is increasingly at risk during pregnancy and birth. Now 42 years old and having given birth to 19 children, doctors want to keep her under close supervision and consider this birth high-risk. Sue and Noel are starting to realise they have a big decision to make about their baby-making addiction and the future of their family.

With another Radford child on the way and the house bursting at the seams, the older kids increasingly need space and privacy from the relentless noise and chaos. The kids all seem to agree that 20 is a good place to stop… but do their parents think the same?

In a bid to bring the whole family together for quality time and bonding, Sue and Noel are planning a surprise trip-of-a-lifetime to mark this momentous year; a holiday in Orlando in the Super-sized USA for the UK's Super-Sized family - a land of eternal childhood where no-one has to grow up.

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